Vape in Dubai

Are banned Vape in Dubai?

Residents within Dubai are confused over the principles surrounding the private use of vapes, both public places, and reception, and are calling for clearer rules on the difficulty. However, the Dubai Municipality has made it clear that vape is treated like all other Vape in Dubai.


Really Vape in Dubai is banned?

Despite a ban on the sale of vaping products within the UAE, many residents are still unclear. On whether or not they can legally smoke the device in designated public areas.

According to Federal Law No.15 of 2009, the sale of vaping products like voodoo Vinci coils, nic juice, Juul disposable, switch mods, scoring reno, salt nic, smok Nord coils, smok Nord 2, CBD cartridge, aegis boost, smok rpm80, well, vapor-liquid, sub-ohm tanks, and e-shishas are prohibited within the country. And so far, there’s no law stating that smoking vape here is against the law.

However, many residents say there’s a blurred line when it involves its use. and lots of wonders if they’re going to incur a warning or fine if caught vaping (the act of inhaling and exhaling the aerosol, which is produced by an e-cig or similar device), publicly areas where smoking is allowed.

C.V, a Canadian expatriate said “If something is against the law to shop for and to import or bring into the country. That might lead me to believe that the item itself is against the law to use. Yet people tell me e-cig is okay for private use.

I buy mixed feedback, but nothing is concrete. The law doesn’t seem to mention that you simply can’t smoke it, so I honestly do not know if it’s allowed or not.” Like Chand, M.S. said the difficulty surrounding the private use of e-cigarettes is “such a gray area”.


However, I do not think vaping is against the law, but that’s an enormous ‘but’. I do exercise caution when smoking my e-cigarette publicly, even in designated smoking areas. I worry if I might pull out for using it because there’s no set law on whether we will smoke it or not.”

The expert said vapes are treated like normal e-cigarettes. they need to not be smoked publicly in places like cinemas and shopping malls.

In a photo shared with Khaleej Times, a reader acknowledged that one among the Business Class lounges in Dubai. International Airport (DXB) had recently installed new signs throughout the lounge, which read: “No smoking. E-cigarettes also are not allowed.”

This is only one of the various steps introduced over a previous couple of years to scale back the burden of smoking on the UAE public, including the utilization of e-cigarettes.

Reducing consumption of cigarettes and tobacco products

This is one of the key performance indicators of the pillar of world-class healthcare of the UAE National Agenda. The UAE aims to scale back tobacco consumption from 21.6 percent to fifteen .7 percent. Among men and from 1.9 percent to 1.66 percent among women by the year 2021.